A little about 9 Priscilla Way....

Let's just dive right into my story and get a little personal! I am a mama of two girls, my oldest being 5 and youngest just recently turned 4. I started "crafting" and creating in early 2020 shortly after giving birth to my second little girl and the start of the dreaded P word. After the birth of my second daughter I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and truly felt so lost in who I was as a person. Creating signs and small gifts gave me a wonderful outlet and place to really express myself and get out of my own head. Shortly after creating some Mother's Day gifts for my mother in law and grandmother, I had tons of requests for custom signs and from there 9 Priscilla Way was born!

Starting this wonderful small business has been amazing, being able to create and share my ideas is a blessing. I am always looking to add new products and designs to my shop and look forward to the future! Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop! If there is anything you need or would just like to chat, shoot me a message and let's talk!

-With love,